Do you sell your chickens/chicks? And for how much?

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    Jun 30, 2011
    I figure I will eventually have chicks and I cant keep them all (no matter how much I want to!).
    I will probably give them to my grama but I began thinking about making money off of my chickens. (Just to pay for feed)
    I have a silkie, EE, cochin and 2 mixes hens and a cochin, and 2 mixes roos(dont worry, they almost never fight because the larger mix is the alpha and doesnt bother with the smaller roos).

    So, Ill prob have pure cochins, cochin/silkies and the rest mixes.

    In Hawaii, chicks that are for produceing eggs go for $5 each like RIR and EE. Show chicks are $5-$25 each like silkies and cochins.

    What do you guys think? And Do you sell your chicks if you become over taken by them

    Update:take a look at this to help me figure out what my mixes are:
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