Do you sing your chickens songs? And if you do what songs?


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Jun 12, 2010
New Mexico(yes its in the USA)
Hi hope this is the right section

I was wondering if there is anyone else out there who sings there chickens songs? If so, what songs if its not super long can we see the lyrics? When out 16 month old red stars were just chicks we sang them a song called Chickidies here is how it goes

Chickidies Chickidies
Happy and Gay
Chickidies Chickidies
Fly Far away

Now if we go at there and sing it to them they bock it back to us. Its actually really cool.
So what songs do you sing your chickens? Do you know anyone that does? Tell us here!


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Jun 1, 2009
I have never thought of singing to my chookies but now that I have heard of it, it sounds like a really neat idea.
That sounds cute how they bock back to you.


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Mar 21, 2010
The oldest sings the "Fruit Salad" song by the Wiggles when she is taking them the special treats (nummy-nummy). She's waaaayyyy past the age demographics for the Wiggles.


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May 31, 2009
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I sing my eggs 4 different songs... I'm going to pick my top three....

"Oh, Out in The Countryside"

"Oh,out in the countryside,
The spring brings a farmer's pride.
But when everlasting winter strikes,
The great farmer's pride will die.

Though some keep them through thick and thin,
Most don't want the gremilin.
I try to push on and around,
But it keeps knocking me down.

Little birdie, it's springtime now,
It seems it was so profound,
So let's guess, when's the hatching date?
Waiting so long was a big mistake.

Oh,out in the countryside,
The spring brings a farmer's pride.
But when everlasting winter strikes,
The great farmer's pride will die."

"Lockdown Countdown"

" When I wake up, it's Day 17,
It's lockdown countdown,you know what I mean?
Lockdown Countdown,(Lock,Lock,Lock),
Lockdown Countdown (Down,Down,Down).

When we go out,I can barely say,
It was so calm until today!
Lockdown Countdown (Lock,Lock,Lock),
Lockdown Countdown (Down,Down,Down),

I'm up in bed,the time is near,
Just 10 seconds 'till we cheer.

10(Lockdown Countdown),

9 (Lockdown Countdown),

8(Lockdown Countdown),

7 (Lockdown Countdown),

6 (Lockdown Countdown),

5 (Lockdown Countdown),

4(Lockdown Countdown),

3 (Lockdown Countdown),

2 (Lockdown Countdown)

1 (Lockdown Countdown)


"What Will You Be?"

"Oh,what will you be?(Barred Rocks or RIRs?)
What will you be?(Silkies or Turkens?)
What will you be?(Leghorns or EEs?)
What will you be, Oh,what will you be?

What will you be? (New Hampshires or Polish?)
What will you be?(Malays or Cornish?)
What will you be?(Bantams or Large Fowl?)
What will you be,Oh,what will you be?

Will you be Sussexs?
Will you be Millie Fleur D'Uccles?
And will you,will you,will you, be Australorps?
And the burning a,burning a question,are you chickens yet?

(repeat first two verses)"

That's what I like to sing to my chickens.

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