Do you take your Seramas inside during the winter?


6 Years
Sep 15, 2013
Hi my Serama lives inside but I take her outside as much as I can during spring/summer/fall not winter though because its way to cold and snowy.I was wondering if you have outside Seramas do you take them in during the winter?:)
Also sorry if this is in the wrong place I'm new to backyard chickens so I don't know my way around yet.
I would like to know this, too. Currently I have eight Seramas in a very roomy coop with a run outside, but I know it will get too cold for them in another month or so. I have heard 40 degrees is too cold. I have been thinking I would have to turn over my extra bedroom to them! What do Serama owners do who live in the more northern climates?

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with a very mixed flock of free ranging Ameraucanas, EE's, Swedish Flower hens, etc, plus some young & beautiful Seramas I hatched this past summer
I now keep my serama in the garage where it so far has not gone under 50 degrees.I will have to keep an eye on the temperature and make sure she will be okay but as long as I keep the garage door shut it stays much warmer.

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