Do you think it will be okay to put chickens in a greenhouse?


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Dec 29, 2015
im interested in getting some chickens and putting them in the greenhouse we have a friend who keeps chickens and they said that it would be fine just wondering what others think and they would be out during the day. also another couple of questions what do you put in the nesting box and what do you suggest for roosting?

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Welcome! There will be issues with this plan. Your birds will eat/demolish and plants they can reach. Most greenhouses aren't really predator proof. Heat and humidity and poor ventilation isn't good for chickens. I'm sure that there are ways to arrange things so both plants and birds can have a roof over their heads, and be separated and safe. If you have an existing greenhouse, pictures will help. Chickens are fun to have! Mary


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I have wished I had a greenhouse just to use as a part time coop, so I would sure give it a try. i use pine shavings in my nesting boxes, I like to use 2 x 4's with the big side for the roosts. Chickens are birds, but the back claw/foot does not function as it does on the little wild birds. A flat roost is most appreciated by a chicken, and if you live where it gets cold, it will help to keep the toes nice and snug.

Best to you and your birds,



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Dec 29, 2015
Thank you too you both, there will be no plants in the greenhouse as its basic, our friend said that if we put shavings on the bottom of the greenhouse they would be okay for them to roost and I live in England so it never really gets too hot here.


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My main coop is an old greenhouse. It's not glass, it that wavy fiberglass stuff on a wooden frame.

The things I like about it....

It's big. I never really have to worry about my birds having enough space.
It's tall enough I can walk in. this just makes so many things easier.
it has a dirt/gravel floor. This is my favorite flooring.
the fiberglass panels are easy to cut holes in when I need to modify something. need more ventilation? Just use an ordinary knife and you can cut a hole in the side of the building.

The fiberglass is old and not so strong in some areas.
It can get warm in the winter.
the roof leaks more as the building ages.
predators could be an issue.

. My building has a shelf running about waist height all around the interior, it's made up of slats. Some of the birds sleep on the shelf, some in the rafters. I also have a pole roost I put in the corner between the two walls that several of them like to sleep on. I put the nest boxes on the floor. I use rubbermaid tubs on their sides and they do just fine for me. I use deep litter, so if a hen decides to lay somewhere not in a box, it's not a big deal. The only issue is crawling back under the shelves in the corner, not always my finest moment trying to get back up!

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