do you think my dog will be OK?


10 Years
Oct 2, 2009
before i start let me say that the dog will never be left unsupervised with the ducks! (they havent even hatched yet lol) i just wanna know how your dogs reacted (if you have any) when you got your ducks.

Ive had my dog for a few years now he is a golden labrador and he is not violent at all, when i walk him he does bark and pull the lead if he sees other dogs, but if he is off his lead on a field and other dogs are there he is fine with them, he doesnt bark or fight. He has never bitten anybody or anything ever, but he does go crazy when my neighbours cat is in the garden.

Ive been showing him videos of ducks and ducklings on youtube with the sound very loud so he can hear them and everytime i do jumps up and starts licking my face? i dont know why lol is it because hes jealous and wants all the attention or something? anyway do you think he will be ok with the ducks?
Some dogs have stronger instincts than other, but instincts or not, as long as YOU are consistently and constantly then the dog should defer to what you allow in its behavior with the ducklings.

A dog shouldnt even eat a steak laying under its nose unless you say it can, same with ducklings. In fact, not only should it not eat it, it shouldnt even sniff it or consider it, or even look at it. You decide those things, just like the pack leader would in a natural setting.
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my yellow lab is with our chickens all day long.. but if one flies she takes off like a bullet after it.. we have to be there to watch.. it seems the flapping wing noise is very exciting to dogs..other wise she pays no attention to them at all..
If you've had him for a few years, you know him better than anybody. And he sounds like an all around good dog who would do anything you want him to do.

BUT (always wait for the "but") if his hunting instincts are really strong he won't be able to resist them, even to obey you. Yes, he might be freaky when the neighbor's cat is in the garden, but then my dog does that, and when he comes nose to nose with a cat he's very careful and respectful. Cats are well armed!!

Here is what to look for when the ducklings arrive.

Put a couple of ducklings in a cage where he can touch the cage only. Then bring him in on a leash and watch his reaction. If he lies down to look at the ducklings with quiet interest, and looks to you for his cues, and then loses interest, he's probably going to be all right. If he whines and wags his tail really hard and gets really excited, and maybe forgets you're there, or gives you a blank look when you speak to him, you'll never really be able to trust him around the ducks, even in your presence.

Don't punish him for that excited interest. He's a hunter, and he can't help it. But don't trust him, either. And even if he's good with the ducklings, never leave him alone with them.

And don't forget that he's a really great dog that you've had for a good time.
My dog Toby (the best dog in the world
) was great with the chickens, but he thought that ducks sounded like his Squeaky Toys (perhaps why your dog gets excited?
) We got ducks long after chickens, so they were new to his territory. He killed two of them one day.

I had to teach him that the ducks were MINE! and then he's been fine with them ever since.

Just introduce the ducks tot he dog and let him know they are your ducks, not his chew toys, and he might catch on pretty quickly (hopefully).

When we got our chickens this year, our dog thought it would be fun to chase them. After getting yelled at for it and supervising her for a few days to be sure, we didn't have a problem. Now the chickens want to see the dog and she wants nothing to do with them. The chickens also scare my large cat! He is about 16lbs and they run at him!
My cockers are quite fine wiht the chickens

But they went through "Leave the chickens alone" speech a lot. They are also never unsupervised with the chickens (they are still dogs after all).

But they do not chase they just want ot eat chicken food!
You'll need to do some training.

Retrievers tend to want to retrieve. He may see your attention directed to the ducklings, and decide that his job is to pick one up and bring it to you.

You need to be ready to correct him before he gets to them, until he understands the rules.
We used to hold the dog down and put ducklings on his back. If he struggled or tried to snap at them he was sternly reprimanded and told no. Eventually he would calm down and you could let go of him. We called it "duck therapy." It's all about letting him know what you, the alpha dog, want.

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