Do you think there's a chance that they'll be okay?

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    Nov 21, 2007
    To make a long story short, I had about 40 eggs in my ''good'' incubator. We had some power issues, so I thought, so I moved the eggs into my ''decent'' incubator. Once the issues were fixed, I put the eggs into my good incubator last night. I had to leave the house overnight, and I didn't have time to see if the temperature was right, but I figured no one would have moved the knob so it should have been fine. I come back today, and the temperature says 114 degrees!!!!! This is beside the point, but I turned the temp down, and rolled the eggs, and one rotten egg exploded and went on my clothes, hair, face, eye, etc. Most disgusting thing ever to happen to me. But the eggs in there are purchased cochin eggs, and my own silkie eggs that I was trying to hatch so I could sell the chicks. Do you think there is any possibility that the eggs may be ok? The temperature was higher than normal for no more than 18 hours.

  2. Maybe! Didn't see what day you are on. I'd candle the eggs to look for movement if they have been in there long enough. No telling how long the temp was way up. Good luck

    We lost our first set when a storm took out the power for several days.

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    Wow. 114 degrees...
    What day are they on? I'd give them a chance since they are purchased eggs. Keep an eye on any the look bad so that you can remove them. There's an "off" chance that if the temp spike wasn't that long the internal temperature of the egg did not get hot enough to kill the chicks. Let us know what happens.
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    Woops! I did forget to post that. Some are on day 17, and some are on day 10.

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    You could try the float test. Now that I have figured out how to do it, it has been a life saver and right on every time. I will always float test all my eggs from now on.
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    Nov 21, 2007
    Ok, thanks a bunch! [​IMG]

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