Do you think these eggs are fertile? PICS

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  1. Tomfieldenloveshichickens

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    Nov 9, 2010
    Somerset, England

    I have 5 eggs in the incubator. They are light brown eggs. It is currently day 7 and the temperature has been steady all week and the humidity has been stable at 45%.

    I took some pictures whilst i was candling them today. Do you think they are fertile?

    This is egg 1:


    This is egg 2:


    This is egg 3: We think this is developing as there is something moving around inside it.


    This is egg 4:


    This is egg 5:


    I got these eggs for free and the man said he had a cockerel.

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  2. emys

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    Nov 19, 2008
    I don't see any development. Maybe it is your pictures, because I don't see any veins in the one you say has something moving in it. Perhaps his cockerel isn't fertile yet, or the hens are simply not cooperating with him yet.
  3. Illia

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    Oct 19, 2009
    Forks, WA
    Nope, sorry. The most likely is egg 5.

    The thing to look for yourself is a dark mass that takes up more than 50% of the egg and has a definite border at the pointed end.
  4. Tomfieldenloveshichickens

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    Nov 9, 2010
    Somerset, England
    So what should i do? Open 1 up and see whats inside or leave them in for a few day?
    No worries if none are fertile as they were free?
    I couldn't see veins in any but the thing that was moving in egg 3 was quite small
  5. GreenGoddess

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    Jun 6, 2009
    St Pauls, NC
    Leave them in until day 10... You can candle then and if they are still clear, toss them... By day 10 you will know without a doubt if there is something in there or not...

    btw, free does not mean STRESS free! LOL

    Goddess [​IMG]
  6. crazyforchicks

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    Sep 11, 2010
    Quote:Yep wait for day 10 or more, Otherwise you cant really tell yet. [​IMG]
  7. debilorrah

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    I'm with Illia on this one, they are clear with no signs of veining.
  8. Cowgirl71

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    Feb 5, 2010
    Missouri Ozarks
    By day seven you should see lots of veins... They're not fertile. In egg #3 I would bet you're seeing the yolk moving around. You can try leaving them in until day 10, but make sure to keep an eye on them. If you see any ucky goo oozing out of an egg, get it out asap!

    Most likely his cockerel is too young.
  9. Serama Mama 4

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    Nov 27, 2010
    nope [​IMG] sorry
  10. silkiechicken

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    Take a peek of the day 7's in my sig. I'd say you've got duds.

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