Do you turn your horses out in the rain?

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  1. Title says it all. I turned my guy out this morning after fully grooming him and hand grazing him for over an hour and almost as soon as I came inside and got a hot cup of tea into my hands it started to rain...
    Now normally I would bring him into his stall. He's a Belgian, with a very thick winter coat already and it's not terribly cold out here today (upper 40's). I have a blanket coming in the mail for him any day now but I'm wondering who else turns out/leaves out in the rain?
    It's not exactly pouring either and there's no thunder/lightening or he would certainly be in.
    Even though I know horse have survived forever and a day in the elements without blankets I still feel GUILTY! [​IMG]
    He's grazing away though....
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    I don't put mine up, I don't even blanket in the winter unless I have an old horse or one that is sick (we rehab). Mine are fed in their stalls, but turned out afterwards. They do have a barn that they can get in when it is raining, but most of the time they would rather be out in the rain or snow. [​IMG][​IMG]

    I wish I had a Belgian [​IMG]
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    Mine are out year round. They have a huge grove of trees to protect them from elements but that is all. No covering no nothing. They do fine!
  4. Thanks guys, it does make me feel a little less guilty.

    I know he doesn't NEED the blanket I've got coming for him, not for wamth, but I mainly got it to waterproof him.

    I HATE being chilly and wet, just looking at him right now makes me shiver... I couldn't be a horse lol

    Should I dry him down with towels when I bring him in later or just let him shake himself out? When I had horse prior to this guy (10 years ago) I only had show horses at an upscale hunter barn, you'd get beaned by your instructor for even thinking about putting your perfectly clean and groomed show animal out on a rainy/snowy day lol
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    My horses have always had a choice, be in the stall or be in the rain. They choose to be in the rain more often than not.
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    Mine live out 24/7 (they do get brought into the barn for maybe 8 hrs or so on perhaps 3-4 days a year, occasionally because of prolonged bitter windy cold but usually because of prolonged freezing rain from the south, the one direction they don't have good shelter from). The TBs wear turnout sheets in bad weather; the LippX pony only gets a sheet on for maybe six days a year, total, again in the aforementioned prolonged freezing rain from south scenario. They do FINE.

    If he has shelter out there, I would not worry about him one bit. If his paddock has no shelter, I'd keep an eye on him, and if you see him shivering I'd bring him in (this time of year, if all their fur soaks through from a cold rain, they can get pretty cold indeed). I would not try to dry him off if you bring him inside - his own body heat will take care of that pretty quickly.

    Have fun,

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    Quote:Yeah that.
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    I have one old horse and 9 donkeys - they have access to many lean-tos, and usually choose to stand out in the rain, they don't like wind, though, so if it is raining and windy, they are usually under a lean-to.

    I don't have stalls in the conventional sense - I doubt the donkeys would appreciate it much [​IMG] they hate being cooped up. The one lean-to is actually the front 2/3 of our barn, though, and it is pretty cozy in there, with bedding and such for them to cuddle each other for warmth.

    What kills me is that I build a barn and three lean-tos and when it is rainy - they stand under a tiny cedar tree and look at me like I am wicked for not bringing them into the house with me and feeding them horse cookies all day long while they rest their poor weary bones (ha!) .

    spoiled brats [​IMG]

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    i have 2 mini horses and i too feel guilty when i see them out in the rain but when i bring them in they stand with their heads out of the barn getting wet and cant wait to get out again they would rather stand under a bare tree than get in shelter. they have a thick coat already and here in texas we dont have have too many freezing nights.
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    My guys can come and go as they please. We just leave the sliding door open so they can get out of the rain snow whenever.
    We also do not blanket, it keeps them from getting all there winter coat.

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