Do you use a FIRE TABLET?


Previously AstroDuck
Aug 28, 2020
We have had a Kindle fire, a Samsung and an iPad. So far the only one that has completely stood the test of time without any issues is the Kindle fire. We bought all Samsung appliances and electronics when we first moved into our old house because they were supposed to be "top of the line". Every single Samsung product had issues within the first year. We ended up having to replace everything that was Samsung in our old house and had no issues after that. I actually love ipads and my only gripe is how easily the screens crack. I use my iPad for coding and other more technical uses. Our Kindle is the only tablet we let our kids use and surprisingly it's the only on we have had no issues with whatsoever. The Kindle is perfect basic internet browsing and app use especially if you don't want to spend a lot of money. As far as headaches go that's due to the eye strain from viewing blue light which all digital device screens emit. Whether someone experiences headaches is based on the individuals eyes, age, exposure time to digital screens, brightness levels of screen and distance to screen. Children are actually more at risk to the effects of blue light exposure due to their lens. Their eyes absorb less short-wavelength light than adults do which basically means that more blue light reaches their retina.

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