Do you wash and/or sanitize eggs you want to incubate?

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Do you wash and/or sanitize eggs you want to incubate if they have some dirt or poop on them?

if yes, what do you use and how much, how long, temp of water, etc?
thank ou
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No, I do not. If there is quite a bit of dirt/poo, I make sure it is dry and then buff it off. If the egg is really, really dirty, I wash it and put it in my frig for personal use. Don't even sell it for eating. I haven't had much issue with rotten eggs in the incubator. The most foul eggs I've found have been under broodies.

I don't wash/sanitize eggs for incubation because I feel the bloom/coating on the egg is important.

usually scramble and cook for dogs or chickens or other hungry critters...

just wondering if anybody trys to incubate.

dirty eggs are not much of a problem at this time of year but in late fall or spring, we get so much rain things can get pretty muddy.
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I've been told by everyone NOT to wash eggs. If they're really filthy you can chip off the bad stuff or rinse it if the stuff is still wet, but you don't want to drown the egg with too much water so definitely never soak one. I personally have a dozen or so duck eggs in the bator with mud and junk on them, they don't seem to mind at all.

well, maybe for the fun.. I will try to incubate a few of the "dirties" sometime. Have a couple of "backup bator" so would not affect eggs I REALLY want to hatch.
I agree with most of the previous posters- hens dont wash their eggs when they incubate, so I dont wash mine. I do scrape off any serious muck, but I dont worry about stains or minor dirt.
Noooo.. never. Not even the dirty duck/goose eggs. You dont want to wash off that protective bloom on the egg...
Well..i take that back..if there is POOP on them.... then yes, clean them dont want that bacteria to get in the eggs ..

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