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I came across this interesting video upon researching a statement made previously by a potential egg customer here and at my self service egg stand.
I keep a big metal bell on my egg stand for customers to let me know if they need change or if I have sold out. Yesterday the bell sounded and I walked over to the roadside stand to find some very nice peeps visiting from abroad. They inquired if my eggs were washed. They were obviously refrigerated, since there is a mini fridge in the stand.. (were in Florida-not safe to leave eggs out in a 105*F heat index).
Anyway, the kind folks explained to me how over in the UK, the eggs are NOT washed (commercially) and the taste of the eggs are much much richer.
I explained that my eggs are wiped clean if in fact are with the appearance filth. NEVER submerged in bath water because of the fact that egg shells are porous.
Needless to say, I made the sell and they drove off with 3 eighteen packs of goodness, despite the refrigeration their Country prohibits.. lol- the vacationing folks were melting in our Florida heat while conversation with me.
So, this is what I found on the yewy-tube with my search inquiry, that I've embedded just below. Bare thru the first couple minutes with the slightly off topic fact bombardment of grossness allowed by our FDA. It's a very informative video all the way to the end.

Tell us your safe handling practices in your local area or personal preferences if you care to.
If not, thanks for taking the time to read this little inquiry.
Thank you and have a wonderful blessed day
Interesting video, and yes, eww to the first few minutes :sick
I only refrigerate my eggs if I'm keeping them longer than a couple of weeks, but I rarely have eggs sitting around that long. Somebody somewhere always needs a dozen or two. :)
I don't wash my eggs at all. I keep any visibly dirty ones for my own personal use. Thankfully I don't have poo covered eggs very often. :)
only thing I do is refrigerate, will pick off any bedding or I'd need a dozen incubators , They stay good longer if you do not wash, if i remember right once washed they should be used within 2-3 weeks as the protective flora has been disturbed, and most store bought eggs are washed and over that time limit before they even get to the store besides they are usually medicated and not pulled like should be
I like to use the counter ones for scrambled eggs - they make better scrambled eggs than refrigerated ones. I wash all eggs when I use them and I crack them into a little bowl before adding to other ingredients - even other eggs to scramble. I don't candle my eggs and I have had a couple with some pretty nasty blood spots that I would rather not eat or cook with.

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