do young roosters crow?


8 Years
Jan 30, 2011
Western montana
I have a rhode island red about 11weeks old, he/she seems to tend the flock at times,watch, move with the girls and tends to fluff up and peck once in a while, but... If it's a roo he has never crowed. When do they start this?
Depends on the roo and somewhat on his enviroment.

One of my adult roos didn't start really crowing until after I re-homed his more dominant brother, roughly 15 months old. My other adult roo started crowing at TWO weeks olds.

Now I have three young cockerels, they'll be 4 months old on Saturday. Two of them, not a peep yet. One started crowing when he got overly attached to me and didn't like me to be out of his sight. He would crow whenever I went in the house. Once he figured out I wasn't a hen to be courted, he stopped.
mine started at about 18-20 weeks

depends on the breed and environment though

Good Luck!
Bantam Serama, Little Man, started at 8 weeks or so and The Fuzz just this morning at 14 weeks! It'll happen pretty soon I'd think and it sure sounds pitifully cute!
I sure hope my baby is not a boy, we live in the city
this will make my kids extremely sad . we had purchased insured female birds, but Im thinking an astrolorp is also male. She is the same age as al the other birds, but has waddles and a different color comb. ugh, I hope not, this will make my kids so sad. as we will have to give them to someone.

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