Do your ducks wake you up in the morning??

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by countrygirl74, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. countrygirl74

    countrygirl74 Songster

    Oct 19, 2012
    Northern Arizona
    Do I have spoiled ducks or is this typical?

    Every morning around 7:30-8a.m. the ducks (mostly my two Pekins but the Rouen drake and hen join in too) start quacking non-stop. For a while, I assumed it was because they knew it was time to get fresh water as it freezes overnight here. It has been my morning habit to dump out all the ice blocks from both the duck pen and chicken coop around that time every morning. However, lately it has been warm enough at night that the water doesn't freeze and they still have plenty of food in their dishes for breakfast. So... there's really nothing that NEEDS to be done for them. It seems like they quack until I come out just to open the door to their pen, let them run around the yard for a minute, then they're fine with going back in their run and eating and drinking. Just to clarify, they are not locked inside something all night - they are in a nice open, protected run and their house is like a doghouse they can go in and out of anytime they want. I'm like, "Really? You had to wake all the neighbors just because you wanted me to come out, let you run a lap and then go back into your pen where everything already was there waiting for you?" They also quack persistently and loudly anytime they hear the back door of the house open. It cracks me up but I'm not sure the neighbors feel the same way. They quiet right down as soon as they can see me and are fine as long as I am out there with them. Have I spoiled them somehow? I don't bring treats in the morning as I planned that out on purpose so as to make them NOT expect it every morning... I love these silly ducks - just wondering what they're thinking sometimes. [​IMG]

  2. DenverDucky

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    Mar 28, 2012
    Sometimes earlier than that but for not being a fast mover in the morning she gets me up quick hah
  3. Peeko

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    Oct 3, 2012
    Northern California
    Ducks are creatures of habit. If they were used to you being outside at a certain time in the morning, they start to expect it. The change upsets them, but they do get over it after a week or so as long as you stick with the change.

    To save them the stress next time, I would recommend coming out at a gradually different time, like 5-15 minute increments each day. Now that it gets dark later, I'm having to put off bedtime for our ducks, but I do it a few minutes later each day, sorta with the sun, anymore than that, and she'll start quacking at full volume for me to come outside already and put them to bed.

    I treat the loud quacking like I would a dog barking for attention. Ignore it, by all means don't go outside. I do however look out the window to make sure everything is ok ( two times her warnings were a cat in the yard), but never open the door. It's like she wins if I do, and she'll do it more and more often...Sometimes she'll go off for a couple minutes straight. It's very difficult to hear, but she'll shut up eventually and go about her day like nothing happened. I try to make a point of only coming out when they are behaving. They're much quieter now compared to when we first got them. We couldn't go inside for two seconds without them calling for us. Now they don't even seem to notice :( lol

    Duck psychology is fascinating stuff.
  4. duckins

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    Dec 29, 2012
    Gladys, Va
    I would love to break the every morning treat it was ok when we had 3 ducks now its 11 but they really do expect this and seem to be fussy when I show up empty handed.
  5. DenverDucky

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    Mar 28, 2012
    7:17am here! It's too early!
  6. Amiga

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    Jan 3, 2010
    Southern New England
    Yes, they wake me up in the morning.
  7. Miss Lydia

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    My ducks are very quiet in the morning, Muscovys [​IMG] but my gander is very vocal about being let out and fed in the morning.

  8. Going Quackers

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    May 24, 2011
    On, Canada
    Nope, mine are locked into their mini barn.. and besides you couldn't hear them even if they did... now when they hear me coming.. gates, hollering at the dogs lol THEN they make noise but were in the country so again the noise is nothing i have to be concerned with.

    I am staggered in my show up times too... so they don't expect anything at a specific timing either. I can see how in a close suburban set-up it could lead to an issue though.
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  9. new2ducks

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    Jun 20, 2012
    I know what you mean about ducks being creatures of habit! Mine expect their peas every morning and if I let the dogs out they are quacking at the dogs as if they are expecting them to have the peas for them. They get their peas in the morning and in the evening and I'd better not forget it! lol Bath time usually is in the afternoon when the sun is out and I change their water in their mortar's a happy splashy time for them and the boys get frisky with the fresh water![​IMG]
  10. new2ducks

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    Jun 20, 2012
    I think I may be feeding them too much though. It's not that they are eating all the pellets but the birds are. I guess my husband and I worry about them getting enough to eat so when we are ouside at any time and notice their bowl empty we put a scoop in it. Sometimes they eat it and other times they just come over to see what we are doing then go away. I think I'm causing a bird problem because of over feeding. Any ideas on how much to feed them? I have 4

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