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11 Years
Feb 23, 2008
Alexandria, Louisiana
This may be a little long....

So I'm fixing to head up to my mom's (about 50 miles away), and went out to feed before I left. As I turned the corner to where the coop and run were, I saw my Doberman with one of my 5 week old Wyandottes in his mouth! He just tossed it up, and dropped it! Of course, I lost my mind and ran him off, then checked on the chick. She was just sitting there. I picked her up, and thoroughly (sp?) examined her, no holes, no blood, nothing. I went and put her back in the coop and decided to check the rest of the flock.

Turns out, I was missing two Silkies and a Polish. Let me tell you, I was livid. I knew I had built an above average coop and run, and the dog never showed interest in the birds before, even when they were in the house and I SHOWED them to him. So I'm pretty hacked at this point.

I head over to the lfs and picked up a couple of Dominiques, an Orpington and the only Silkie they have left. Get home, get them settled in the house in their brooder, and hope all is well.

My daughter comes in and just casually says, "Mom, there were some chickens out, but I caught them and put them back." I'm thinking that they found a way out of the run, so I go out to check....there are ALL of my critters, just looking at me!!! There was a section of wire that was sort of bent, and I guess the chickens managed to get through there, maybe thought there may be more bugs outside rather than in.

And here I was blaming the dog! Maybe he was trying to toss the Wyandotte back IN the run!!! (Highly doubtful, but I would rather THINK that)!

So here I am, with MORE chicks (yay!), and all my originals! DH thinks I scammed him!!

Sorry it was so long, I just had to tell everyone!! All's well that ends well, I suppose! Keeping a close eye on the one I caught him "playing" with.

He's always been such a docile dog, and very well may have been playing, he plays with a 6 week old Rat terrier pup, but still, a dog is a dog is a dog.
Well thanks for the great idea you have given all of us wanting to scam our way into more than we were allowed
Many years ago I had a dobie... named Baby Alex. I loved that dog to pieces!! He had a method of killing rats (I lived in a really bad section of Detroit) that involved a shake and toss. It was very effective.

I would give him the benefit of the doubt. The chicks got out and that changed the rules for him. I wouldn't leave him to babysit just yet

I've got an old shih tzu that is so loving but she'll kill a bird if you leave her alone and she thinks you'll blame one of the other dogs. Seriously she will. Once the chase starts they have a hard time stopping themselves and sometimes playing gets out of hand and then it's too late.

That is a great story.

With 5 dogs and 30 chickens, I understand your story. Unfortunately, I did lose two chickens to the dogs. They have 3 acres of pastures to free range in, but two of them were not real smart and kept getting in the backyard with the dogs. I rescued them a couple of times. All of the other chickens avoid the back yard, but not these two and they eventually got killed.
Glad y'all enjoyed it!! My nerves were really frazzled for a while, but everybody is happy now (except DH, who still thinks I bamboozled him).

Did a thorough check of the coop and run and paid special attention to any tiny gaps and repaired those, so we shouldn't have any more "incidents".

Guess I'll have to work on training now. Maybe he'll end up like that Great Dane on the PetSmart commercial who didn't take that kid's ice cream, as bad as he wanted
hahahahaha Cute! That is exactly how I ended up raising a baby mourning dove, red breasted robin and a starling.

My 12 year old wolf just came walking up to me one morning with this pink thing in his mouth and when I said "give it to me" and extended my hand, he dropped this little dove in my hands. It had fallen from the nest. Well, I got food and syringes and began feeding this was a messy baby. It would get food all over its face and head...wolf would lick her clean.

Within 2 weeks the Robin and the Starling came inside and were delivered with wolf drool. He cleaned them all, watched them and let them ride around on him.

I think they instinctively know 'baby' and want to take care of it.

He has been gone a year and I just know if he were here, he would be trying to care for the chicks.

Thanks for sharing the story and bringing back fond memories.

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