Does a chick embryo move around the egg? How to know if your chick embryo is alive?


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Hey I have a hen sitting on eggs and I candle them and all I see is big dark spot with veins but it moves around the egg when I turn. It what does that mean plz help

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Apr 5, 2013
From some trial and error. I noticed a veiny look that would move when I moved the egg around 7-10 days. By day 17 I could see a chick kicking it's feet. If I ever figure out a way to transfer a video from a phone to a computer I'll post it.

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Hope this link helps you with your eggs. If you have red veins that's a good sign and sometimes the yolk that the embryo is attached to will move slightly. usually if you have a dud egg you won't have veins but will be able to see the yolk moving round the egg. Depending on what day your eggs are on you will be able to see the embryo moving independently if you hold your egg still when candling.

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