Does an Americana Roo change the look of the newly hatched chicks & their eggs?


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Apr 7, 2014
I have an Americana Roo and I have the following hens: Red Stars, Americana, Cuckoo Marans, Buff Orpingons, Silver laced Wynadottes. We are currently hatching from the above eggs. Will these chicks/chickens look differently than the the above chicks I ordered from Murray McMurray? Will their eggs be different colors than the original hens? Thanks!

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The chicks will be varied in appearance because they will be mixed breed birds. If you post a photo of the "Americana" cockerel we can better assess whether he is likely to have and be able to pass on the blue egg gene -which will be important in whether or not the chicks will have the potential to lay colored eggs. Even if he does carry the genetics it is not a guarantee that all the female chicks will lay colored eggs. Of my most recent hatch involving an EE roo and GLW hens I got one green egg laying pullet and one brown egg laying pullet (the other three of the hatch were cockerels). Seeing the roo will also help us get a better idea of what hte chicks of each cross may have the potential of looking like.

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