Does anybody else have white film on their 'clean' dishes?

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by schmije, Aug 20, 2011.

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    We started noticing a white film on our dishes, mostly glasses and knives, about a year ago. We initially thought that our dishwasher had stopped working correctly, but after moving to an apartment and then a new house, both with different dishwashers, the problem didn't go away. We finally did some research and found this article:'s-why1298039945976

    Have you found a solution to the white film on your dishes? We've started adding Borax to the dishwasher with hit-and-miss results. The load that I ran yesterday was horrible. I really don't want to have to wash everything by hand, but right now I'm washing about half of what comes out of the dishwasher.

    Please tell me you've come up with something that works!

  2. i dont have a dishwasher.. but we have very very hard limstone water (well water).. it's so full of minerals that drinking it is an acquired taste... so everything gets the hard water deposits on it.. I dont even worry about it anymore.. i figured if anyone doesn't like it they can go buy me a water softener and a filtration unit!
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    It's calcium build-up. There should be a place in the bottom of the dishwasher, or in the door, to add salt. When you're in the aisle at the store with dish soap, there should be a salt additive. Finish makes one, and there are others. It's to soften the water and it eliminates the white crud. Until you need to add more. You can get the owner's manual to your model of dishwasher online usually, to see where it goes on that model.
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    I use vinegar as my rinse aid. We have hard water and dishes get filmy using any of the "good for the environment" soaps so I had to experiment with brands and finally had good luck when I switched to finish brand gel.

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  6. mikensara

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    I use the finish tablets and have never had an issue with white film i use the walmart brand of rinse aid. I use the high temp wash setting on mine and the normal cycle.
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    Our white film was sodium and dirt from the well. Never had a dishwasher in Montana as the water was so soft we had to hand dry everything to get the white off. The only way to eliminate the softness was to get a whole house Reverse Osmosis system with an extra pump. Hell, if you got the water on your plants leaves they would burn and die! Hence, not a lot of green grass in eastern MT! Since moving to Alabama, everything is crystal clean!

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