Does anyone drink almond milk?


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I want to try it, but can only find it in half gallon cartons and if I hate it, I don't want to have it go to waste.

How does it compare to cows milk?

I love cows milk, but can't tolerate it. I'm not lactose intolerant, because I can eat yogurt and cheese no problem; just not ice cream or milk. I think it has something to do with the butter fat content.

So would it be close enough to cows milk to make a good substitute?
I'm also lactose intollerant and can also eat some cheese. No milk and no ice cream. I usually get Lactaid milk or Horizon Organic. It's either that or soy milk. I have never tried almond milk, I might have to pick some up now.
Hi! Tom tried almond milk and thought it was nasty. I think it was when he was in a breakfast cereal phase.
I don't feel a need for milk in my diet at all (and lactose intolerent), so when he didn't find a tasty substitute for breakfast --- that just went away. We eat other things.

I am slowly getting used to almond milk. I have drank soy for years, so I dont really remember what cow milk tastes like. Almond is pretty sweet. But I like the texture (sp?) more than soy, it seems to be smoother.
Almond milk? I wouldn't even know where to look for the teats on an almond. Are they really tiny mammals?

Don't get me started on where marshmallow cream comes from.
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I like the vanilla almond milk. I like it better than the soy. I've never tried the unflavored kind though. I don't get if often because of the price but I love it over corn flakes.
I use it on my cereal sometimes, and you can always make pancakes with it if you just can't take it on the cereal. I like it way better than soy milk.
Our son cannot have dairy, he loves Almond milk, it is also can be made at home if needed. I personally do not care for it, I think it is one of those you either like it or get used to it. Vanilla is his favorite and he prefers it over soy, rice milks. They are available in the shelf stable cartons (looks to be about a quart, I'd have to look) for around 2.00. I use it as a sub for milk in all "family shared" recipes when I cook and cannot tell the difference but soy is closer in texture to cows milk IMO.
Thanks all. Soy milk I just can't stand. If it came down to soy milk or nothing, I'd just go out and graze in the garden instead, cuz that's what it taste like to me...grass.

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