Does anyone else have cherry valley ducks?


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8 Years
Jun 9, 2011
I have been keeping waterfowl for years and years and I have been on this forum for a while now and nobody has mentioned cherry valley ducks and I was wondering if anyone else keeps them?
OK, so UK Pekins have a Runner like stance and it seems that Cherry Valleys look like US Pekins: more horizontal than UK Pekins, white, on the heafty side, orange or peach bills, orange legs/feet. Does this sound about right? If so, they rock. They not be the rainbow of the ducky class but boy are they the clowns!
yeh kind of like pekins, they are just the best ducks I have ever kept, they quack 2 maybe 3 times a day and thats it, they are not that messy and so easy to train, and also they lay 250-300 eggs a year, i bought them for £7 each and I would really reccommend them to anyone.

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