Does anyone grow quinoa for their chickens?

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    May 22, 2014
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    I am about to be growing, and in some instances am already growing, lots of yummies for my girls. I just ordered and received some quinoa seeds-not sure how well they will do in the Texas heat, but figured I would give it a go anyway. My question is as I have been reading as much as possible about growing quinoa I keep reading how the seeds are coated in something I cannot recall the name of, to keep birds from eating them and that when harvested the seeds need to be washed before being eaten. Then I find info about folks that grow quinoa for their chickens and just let the chickens have the seed heads to harvest themselves. That is where my confusion comes in...have any of you ever grown this? How did you give it to your chickens? It may not work for me in the Texas summer heat, but on the off chance it does I sure hope I am prepared! Thanks! :D
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