does anyone have a brown silkie I could borrow to play Han Solo's friend Chewbacca for a movie?


Nov 16, 2017
Looking for a brown silkie close to NH. If you are looking to get rid of one that would work I could keep it. OR If you would like to bring it to wherever we are filming that would also work.

This is for a 4-H county activities day movie or "flix" we want to do Return of the Jedi. If it doesn't work out then... IDK.

Anyhow thank you!!!

Have a good day!
My rooster Mr. Feverolle (he is a Feverolle)
looks kinda like that but less chubby and longer feathers on the saddle and tail. And he will be playing Han Solo
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My rooster is pretty easy going, I think He might try... I am getting him used to things like that. He didn't care about they new hen I brought in so... Idk I think this could work.

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