Does anyone have a good plan for a large chicken coop? 10 x 20 or so?


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Jan 7, 2010
Greenwood, SC
I have 3 beautiful wood playhouses that I had converted to coops. Each is 6 x 8. I currently have about 80 chickens. My egg business is taking off and I have about 50 more chickens coming and want another coop. I'd like to try to build something this time. The others were very expensive and are cute but not terribly big. I already have the run built and its huge. I'd like to build something simple at the end. Does anyone have or know where I can get an easy-to-build plan for a barn, shed or coop? I can customize it for chickens. It doesn't need to be fancy. I'm mainly looking for function and ease to construct. I have a big space to put it and would like to go big and be done with it. Thanks!

I'm open to building tips too!
Your best bet is probably pole-barn building plans. You can find them, free, in numerous books and online sites, including some extension service plan sets. Check or talk with local bookstore dude or see what your library can get via ILL, or google. Make sure to adapt as needed to local/current building code (if any) and to your area's snow and wind load requirements.

(Or alternatively IF you were going to do a poured slab floor you might choose stud construction instead - look for books on building garden sheds, which again there are many many)

Good luck, have fun,

Our coop is 16x12 (see: 1st Southern Coop thread), and it is fairly self-explanatory, but I can always post up dimensions if it is something close to the style you are looking for.

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