does anyone have a palm narr mix

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    Jun 8, 2010
    when a palm tom an narragansett hen breed what will there chicks look like also what would a palm tom an blue slate hen look like
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    Quote:The Royal Palm tom is homozygous recessive genotype: b1b1cgcgngng ) Black winged bronze (b1) base with palm (gray cg) and narragansett genes (ng).

    Your Narragansett hen is b+b+ng. Narragangett (ng)is a sex linked gene on the normal wild bronze base (b+). Hens carry one gene, Toms carry two. It is a dilution gene that removes bronze color.

    Looks like Nargie babies that will be split (does not show) grey (cg).

    You slate hen is is black based with a single dominant slate gene.(Genotype: BBDd). Black (B) being dominate will produce 50% black based poults and 50% bronzed based. Some of those, both black bronze or nargies, will be dilute from the single slate gene. They will be split for the one grey gene. Half the males will carry the nargie gene and all of the hens.

    Split Palms are useful when breeding back to palms that you want to add size or new colors to your palms.
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