Does anyone have Chocolate Old English Bantams?

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    I would love to see some pictures of Chocolate OE! I ordered two from Ideal earlier this summer. One turned out to be black and the chocolate rooster got loose unfortunately and we could not find him.[​IMG] So if any of you have pictures of some chocolates, please post, I would love to see them!!! Thanks!
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    From Ideal's website:

    Chocolate Old English Bantam

    Chocolate Old English Bantams are a relatively new solid plumage color, which is genetically the same as Black with the addition of an incompletely dominant diluter (I-D) gene in the heterozygous state (I-D i-D). This gene dilutes black to produce chocolate plumage similar to the action that the blue (Bl) gene has in producing blue plumage. When chocolate plumage males are mated with chocolate plumage females, the ratio of colors produced is as follows: 1 black (i-D i-D), 2 chocolate (l-D i-D) and 1 chocolate splash (l-D l-D).

    Standard weights at maturity are male-24 oz, and hen-22 oz.

    As hatched, the chicks are three colors - black, dark gray and light gray. Ideal Poultry may include any of these colors when Chocolate Old English chicks are purchased.

    Our bantams are purebred and represent the breed and variety; however, we do not guarantee or represent that they are of show quality

    You may have to wait till spring and order more.​
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    Also if you want to get away from hatchery stock several people I know are working on their own chocolates.They are taking a Black Cock and breeding it over a Fawn Duckwing pullet.Then they will take the best chocolate pullets from that breeding and breed them back to the original Cock bird.That breeding has given them their best chocolates.Just an Idea if you wanted to try it.
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    There not true "chocolates". When you breed Chocolate to Chocolate you should get Chocolate also the Chocolate gene is a sex linked recessive mutant gene, so the females cannot hide the gene. If they possess the choc gene, they will be Chocolate. Males, however can be carriers and require two copies to be visually Chocolate.

    Ideals OE's would be Dun (Dark brown dun) and not Chocolate.
    Dark brown dun x dark brown dun gives dun splash (25%), dark brown (50%) and black (25%).
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    My little brother just had one hatch a chick of its own kind and a silkie cros
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