Does anyone have "Rooster Pens?"

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    Hey everyone a few days ago I was thinking about how I hate hatching roosters and how hard it is to find homes for them, and a thought came to my mind. Does anyone keep rooster pens? Like chicken pens just for your unwanted roosters that you can't find homes for? I was thinking about building an extra pen just for that purpose. Does anyone else do this?

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    I keep a "bachelor pad" of roos that are destined for meat. Right now ALL 18 of my roos are in there, due to neighbor complaints.


    is their new pad in the dark the night I moved them in:

    If you keep several roosters in there, it helps if they are brooder mates, or at least flock mates so they already have somewhat of a pecking order established before you pen them in close quarters together. Once established, you CAN NOT introduce a single rooster to the pack, because they will ALL jump him.
    I have one immature (12ish week) cockerel still with my hens (he does not crow yet) because he was never in with the bachelors before I was afraid to throw him to the wolves when I moved them
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