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6 Years
Apr 14, 2013
I ordered chicks from a week or so ago and they have already taken the money out of my bank, but they will not respond to my emails or calls about when the chicks will arrive, is this normal?
I've only heard about bad reviews and a few of complaints were "Can't reach them at all" and "No money refunded or returned"......wish you all the luck in getting a hold of them. Better order from hatchery or breeder than the "middleman".
I ordered 15 chicks on the 3rd of this month from efowl. I ordered 5 welsummer's, 5 Easter Eggers, and 5 white leghorns. The little gals arrived this morning.They sent an extra welsummer. All five white leghorns look rough. None of them have opened their eyes(which isn't normal from my expierience), so they can't see to eat or drink. My wife has been helping them as much as possible. I don't think they'll make it through the night. Ill let you know tomorrow. And if they don't make it I'll let you know how efowl handles it.
All the chicks have made it so far. My wife called efowl and inquired about the issue we were having. They responded that it was normal and they were sorry for the inconvienence. I guess it's normal for mail order chicks from hatcheries, but I have many friends that hatch their own chicks and they haven't had it happen yet. In the same sentance they told us, if any dont make it call them for a refund. We concluded that it was a bacterial infection and treated it as so. It was contagious. Some of the other chicks that had no issues upon arrival started having closed eyes. Twice a day my wife gave them infant vitamins, washed around their eyes with a saline solution and mixed sugar and an antibiotic into their water. It worked. We only have one chick with one eye partially closed. Aside from the one all chicks are happy and healthy. And even winky is getting around just fine and seems happy.

The overall expierience was ok. They have the cheapest price, customer service was good, and I recieved what I ordered. Even though we recieved some "sick" chicks, I will give them the benefit of the doubt and try them again.
I ordered the 15 minimum fro on May 6th. eFowl sent a confirmation email. They sent an email about 10 days ago that my shipping date would be May 29th. Yesterday, they sent an email that the chicks had been shipped with a tracking number. The post office called this morning at 6:30 a.m. that the chicks had arrived. I ran up there and picked them up.

I got them in there crate with the heat lamp. Water with the probiotics and electrolytes/vitamins. Checked for pasty butt. Dunked their little beaks in the water and gave them chick food. All 15 are drinking and pooping normally... pecking at their chick food and seem happy and healthy. confirmed order. Shipped within 3-4 weeks as stated and notified exactly as they said they would. I can't complain at all.

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