Does anyone know how to grow meal worms?

Siyabonga Mama

Aug 19, 2018
Kennewick, Eastern Washington
I just went out and nearly fainted dead away from shock at the sight of (I thought) the world's ugliest chicken lurking among my flock! But apparently the scruffy bald look is in at this time of year. Who knew? In the past my girls have always molted with dignity!


Anyway, apparently they need extra protein to help them through this process, and I recall friends growing meal worms for their ducks years ago. Does anyone know how one gets this started? I would think it's much more convenient than having to go into town to buy them all the time.


Crossing the Road
9 Years
Jun 23, 2013
The Big Island/Hawaii
I've raised a couple of WM Farms, for me it's easier to purchase freeze dried MW. It's really simple to do, the links provided are 100% great! Just make very sure your "treat" your bedding .... The first time I started one (sold later) I froze my wheat bran prior to starting, defrosted & never had an issue. Second time I started, again froze my wheat bran prior however, when adding more I "short cut" being that I was getting my wheat bran from a health food store. Big mistake :he

I noticed the room I kept them in had all these tan brownish things in the ceiling corners ... Mites :barnie Ended up dumping the whole bin out ... Didn't go to waste as I emptied it at an area that everyone feeds feral chickens.

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