Does Anyone Know Someone That Can Help Me Finish My Coop?


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Oct 19, 2018
Hello Everyone! I am new here and this site was recommended to me to help find someone honest, kind and experienced with building chicken coops. I had one started but it has been a nightmare. The person that I hired didn't make the coop the way that was agreed upon. Let him know what I wanted and he wrote down the materials (including wood sizes), putting in regular windows, certain kind of insulation and list of things. I allowed him to build the frame at his place. When he brought it, I noticed a lot of things were not right. Including the size of the chicken entry door (too small). Almost nothing on the list that he was going to do was different and when I spoke with him about it, he would keep telling me it would be great, but it's not. :( Is there anyone that can help me get this coop finished. It is already framed, most materials are already here and I just need someone with some experience and who will actually listen to what I am looking for and utilize the right materials. I asked for a handle lock for the door and what I got was a kitchen magnet like they use on some cabinets. The doors do not stay closed. :/ Also, I have looked all over the Internet and am unable to find out how much grit does a chicken need in one day? My thanks to everyone and please know that I would truly appreciate and be grateful for any assistance possible. Raised my chickens from 1 day old and they are loving pets. I never would have thought I'd ever have chickens, but have found them to be such loving creatures. I spoil them with a large mix of organic nuts, organic grains, produce, fruit, worms, meal worms, etc... and they do receive organic calcium, oyster shells (not crazy about that because of the contamination of our oceans now) and they even get spring water. Started out with 6, but 3 were killed. :( Between that and the difficulty thus far with having the coop built in time for winter, finding rentals that accept chickens, I am beginning to wonder if I am supposed to have them at all.
:( My only concern is that I feel it would be rare that anyone would feed them as well and I want them to live out their lives as happy as possible. Would never wish anyone to eat them. :O Sorry so long. Can anyone help? Longmont, CO


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Aug 30, 2017
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If you have any local lumber yards (mom and pop type) visit there and ask for some names and numbers of carpenters that do that kind of work. My friends dad is retired and does small jobs and gets leads by going to the lumber yard in the morning for coffee and chatting with the boys. When I needed a metal skin wood frame building built I went to the lumber yard and asked who does that type of building, three shouted out his name and two shouted out his number.



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Aug 21, 2018
I hope you find someone to help with your coop finish-up. I think you got a good suggestion about asking at wood mill/lumber shops/other areas. The only input I can offer is re: chicken grit....and it's not an exact sort of answer, either. I put grit out in a small dish free choice available at all times (and a few handfuls scattered across the chicken yard) and they just get however much they need for that day . I would imagine their needs would vary slightly based on what they ate recently, so free choice seems to be the best answer . Good luck to you and your chicks!

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