Does anyone know what breed and gender these chicks are?


Sep 2, 2019
Hello!! I have 3 chicks that are 7 weeks old. I’m a new chicken momma and have no idea what breed any of my chickens are. My father in law rescued them (15) from an old man that couldn’t take care of them anymore. Also the guy that was living on our property moved and couldn’t take his chickens(15) so he left them for me to take care of. Anyways with those chickens came a momma with 3 baby chicks. They are now 7 weeks old. I was wondering if anyone had any idea of what Breed or sex they are? Any help at all would be sooooo greatly appreciated. I can take more pictures tomorrow and upload them to help identifying them. Thanks again in advance.


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Look like Rhodie mixes. Rhodie and Barred Rocks is what that one looks like. The little boys will have a reddish comb, and any girls will have a lighter peach yellowish pink comb till they get ready to lay. Then the girls combs will begin to turn bright red like the boys. They're a bit young now but in a little while the boys will get pointy saddle and hackle (neck) feathers. The girls saddle and hackle feathers will be wider and round instead of skinny and pointy. Hope this helps some.
Keep us updated, I'm curious to see what they'll look like as they grow up! :pop :D
I absolutely will! Im curious also!! I’ll also try to take a picture of the rooster too. There are two that could be the dad. They are father and son but both look completely different. The guy that used to live on our property had them. He moved and couldn’t take them with him so he left them for me. I have NOO idea where he got them from or what breed they are.

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