does anyone know where i can get sexed silkie chicks


11 Years
Mar 20, 2008
spring valley , CA
i have been on a search to find sexed silkies chicks for days it is impossible. i just want a playmate for my lonely chick! everywhere i have to buy at leats 25 or more and the ones that i dont have to buy that many are sold out of chicks. aghhhh i am willing to take any small bantam that is sexed as long as its in the same week age as my chcik. i dont want them to fighting and picking on one another because of age difference. can someone please help me by giving some suggestions?
The thing with silkies is that it's very hard to sex them. Even when they're older. And plus, they only come in bantam sizes in the US and most hatcheries don't do the "here let me squeeze the poop outta ya" test on bantams because they are very delicate.

But hey, silkies are usually easy to find homes for. Why don't you just buy some chicks and sell them on craigslist once you can sex them?

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