Does anyone know where orschelns gets their chicks?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Cowgirl212, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. Cowgirl212

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    Aug 19, 2013
    Northwest Missouri
    I was wondering if anyone knows where orchlens gets their chicks from? I've heard good things and bad things about ordering chicks from them and just wondered if they get them from all the same place or different hatcheries based on location? I would like to get a few different birds sometime but wondering if I should find a breeder/hatchery or order from orchlens.
  2. Ridgerunner

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    Feb 2, 2009
    Southeast Louisiana
    I don’t know about Orscheln’s specifically but Tractor Supply uses a lot of different hatcheries. The person that knows where your local Orscheln’s gets their chicks is to talk to the person at your local Orscheln’s that does the ordering. Pick up the phone and call. And insist on talking to the person that does the ordering. Someone else might not get it right.

    Also there could be different policies about ordering for you specifically versus you having to just pick from what they order. Different Tractor Supplies have different policies about that. The person that knows is the person handling it at your local Orscheln’s.

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