Does anyone live in northern Nevada?


11 Years
Feb 19, 2008
Stagecoach, Lyon County Nevada

I'm looking for someone around Reno (100 mile radius) who would be interested in three banty chickens. I rescued them today at the feed store. The woman was going to release them into the sagebrush because her grandson "got bored with them" and the feed store wouldn't take them because they were older. :mad: My husband has put strict limits on the number of chickens I can have and I really want some buff orpingtons or australorps, so I need to find these guys a home.
They look like a red lace wyandotte hen, an ameracuna rooster and a black silkie rooster all about 4 weeks old. Please help.
We are down in Grass Valley CA about an hour and a half from Reno. If you can't find anyone else, I might be able to give them a temp home till someone is interested. Let me know.
I have no limits and those are the same as my mix group we started with 22 but only 16 made it my kids are missing the ones they lost .
Thanks so much for answering guys. Chickzie, I could meet you in the middle if you'd like to take them. The silkie is very confident so no one picks on him but the other two are very gentle and sweet and are being picked on mercilessly. I tried putting them with the ducks but one of them chases them around. They are so sweet I don't want them to suffer. Could we maybe meet this weekend? My husband works Saturday but could we meet maybe Sunday?
Thanks for trying to help out with the bantys. Jeaucamom and Chixzie. I found them a great home. He just expanded his coop and run and his chickens looked really healthy. They were very curious and not afraid at all. He put them in his brooder for now. It's a great place.

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