Does anyone use register covers for their high-up vents?

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  1. gale65

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    DH thinks this would be a good idea so I thought I'd see what others have done. He's talking about the flat metal covers that you put in the wall for the cold air return and the flat ones that go in the floor for the heat/air to come out. If we use these, are they strong enough to keep coons and other critters out? Would we still need hardware cloth over them?
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    Those are kind of on the small side for ventilation. The chickens will need more fresh air than those can provide unless you fill a whole wall with them. On the positive side, Being that they are steel, you probably would not need hardware cloth over them. I have the whole front wall of my coop open year round with no problems at all. So don't be afraid of giving the birds PLENTY of fresh air/ventilation.
  3. gale65

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    This is just for winter ventilation. We would put probably 5 or 6 feet worth on both long sides of the coop plus some on the ends. We have 5 good size windows for ventilation in the warmer months and those will be covered in hardware cloth. Our coop is only 5 x 10 so there is almost more window than wall. lol
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    That's what's going in the little 4x4 coop I'm building now. I've got one wall vent cover and one floor one that has the open/close tab. I'm not fooling with HWcloth in those areas because that metal is stronger than any HWcloth. Now, I have some flimsy/tinny type vent covers (from Home Depot) in my two other coops, and I did also use HWcloth with those. I really don't think it'd be needed, but I was paranoid about them...they were quite flexible.
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    Quote:Yes! I am using register vents for up under my eaves. And no, if they are screwed in well, I don't think you need wire over them. They are pretty sturdy as is. [​IMG] The neat thing about them is that you can control the flow and the direction of it, too. I bought biggers ones than what go in your floor- but they are not return vent covers, either. I got them at Lowes- so I think I have a good compromise and still have the ability to shift the direction of air flow. But I bet a return vent cover will work fine too, since the vents are directional and you can turn it so the air comes in straight up into the roof area above your birds.
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    My local Restore has stacks of those - cheap.
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    Love 'em handy as a pocket on a shirt. Don't need hardware cloth. [​IMG]
  8. KevinHanses

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    Sep 12, 2011
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    I just recently put 12 of them in, in my 5'x8' coop. They work great.

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