does anyone want to give cute lil rescue mice a chance?

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    Nov 4, 2008
    due to the up and coming baby, I am giving up all of my mice, I've got some people interested in some.

    but about a week and a half ago i guess, we had gone to petco, and I rescued two pregnant mice. 1 agouti, and 1 PEW (pink eyed white)

    the agouti had 5 babies yesterday.

    4 pink eyed babies and 1 either black baby or it will be agouti

    baby 1 yesterday 2 grams
    baby 2 yesterday 2 grams
    baby 3 yesterday 2 grams
    baby 4 yesterday 2 grams
    baby 5 yesterday 2 grams

    they all wieghed 2 grams today too xD

    I need people who WANT PETS in virginia preferably in the fburg/culpeper area. this babies will be ready on feb 13th.

    the PEW female I believe is pregnant too, but she hasn;t gotten any bigger.

    anyone like PEW mice?

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