Does anyone work from home & make a living?

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Long story short--our county (where I work) is doing more cuts. They already cut my hours back to 36 per week (I work four, 9 hour days). There is more talk about additional cuts coming after the first of the year. I have a college degree (in equine science) but we live in a very small community and I'm scared that I might be next. My boss has told me no way (since all of my salary is state-funded) but now the state budget is getting cut even more and we're losing some of that funding...

My husband said that if I lost my job, I'll have to sell my car (not a huge deal but I do like it and it's close to being paid off), my horses (NO WAY) and all of my chickens!

I always get spam about working from home but that's all it looks like--spam...does anyone make money working from home? My hatching eggs do okay but I just make enough right now for the chickens/geese/ducks to pay for themselves, but my "real" job pays for the groceries, my car, student loans, cell phone, etc.
No one makes money with "work from home" stuff floating around on the internet. But it can be done. There are a few reputable company's that let you work from home but there not a lot.

There are lots of people making products an selling them on the internet. Ive known of a few people that are even making 15 to 20 thousand dollars a year just posting youtube videos. Its just a matter of having something interesting no one else has.
I wish you luck.I have been laid off for over 2 year's.DH invested in a couple of those make money from home online scheme's.The biggest seller's out there right now are Make Money From Real Estate!.What!!!!!!! Yea if your rich to start with now would be a Gold Mine For investor's.Ourselve's We are looking at foreclosure so yea I can buy another property???Heck We can't even find a suitable rental for us daughter and grandson!College grad's etc. have a better chance of Free Lancing depend's on your degree I guess and the market for it.It's tough out there and it isn't looking much better that I see.I wish you luck and hope something work's out for you.I have been selling my bird's for a month or so now and .....
.Keeping the hope though maybe something good will happen for All of Us in this situation. ...
I know how you feel. I got laid off after 15 years for the same company doing inventory control and still have not been able to find a full time job.

I guess you can be a real estate agent or insurance agent and work out of your home, but your income would not be stable.
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What about medical billing/coding? medical transcriber? You could always work for a 1-900 company...
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Medical billing and such requires training and that training can be expensive. The ones I can think of right off the top of my head is daycare and pet sitting. But you said it is a small community, so maybe daycare would be better. OR:

Escort - get yer head outta the gutter - old people need help and quite often are willing to pay someone to drive them around and run errands.
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I'll update as I think.
Not really, because they need help shopping, getting in and out being escorted to the doctors waiting room etc. Chauffers just drive. Escorts take people and help them get their errands done. My daughter is one for an elderly woman and she gets paid $100 a day for it. The old woman even pays her to sit and watch movies with her and make her meals. More of a caregiver I guess.

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