Does bran and pollard go off?

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    Aug 19, 2011
    Went grain store yesterday and bought 25 kg bag of bran and pollard for $24.95. If bought in smaller quantities is almost double the price at $1.90 a kilo. Brought it home and put it in my plastic Hills dog food containers. I assume they're airtight as I no longer have a problem in summer with ants in the dogpellets. Yay!

    Only use 1-2 cups a day for my 8 Hyline Browns and they LOVE it. I once put some in the shell grit container first thing in morning when I was bleary eyed and there was a stampede!! They went mad for the dry powder.

    Will it go stale and lose flavor but still b edible? What time period?
    Will it get weevils - they would just get extra protein then rather than having to toss out?
    Any thoughts on whether they should or shouldn't get bran n pollard daily or suitable amount??

    All thoughts appreciated

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