Does bumblefoot always cause swelling?


5 Years
Feb 9, 2017
I have a 2 or 3 year old rooster. I noticed when he jumped down from the porch railing he started to limp. I caught him and checked his feet and found there's 2 or 3 small scabs on his foot. His foot isn't swelled and after I set him back down the limp was gone. Does bumblefoot present without swelling? He doesn't limp otherwise I would of noticed this sooner. He's always jumping on the railings to get to the highest point so he can crow. I don't want to remove these scabs and introduce infection if there's no need. What should I do?
Bumblefoot often does not present with swelling.
I would look up non surgical treatment for bumblefoot.
Can you post photos? I see bumblefoot scabs, and not all of them are serious or require treatment or surgery. When it is causing pain, limping or looks swollen, especially on the top of foot between toes, it may need to be removed. Warm wet soaks in Epsom salts can be helpful. Google TheChickenChick and some searches here on BYC for good info and vieos of surgery, and for what to look for.
Yes I will try and post photos later I would have already but he doesn't like to be caught. I have to be lucky or catch him when he's roosting. He's free range by the way. He only limped when he jumped down from the porch railing and after I examined his foot and set him down he stopped. He also isn't limping right now. His foot isn't swelled and there's just the small black scabs. Thank you for your help.


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