Does cleaning eggs with sandpaper compromise the protective properties of the bloom?

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    I don't wash the eggs that i sell. I feel pretty confident that would shorten their shelf life, and i want my eggs to stay as fresh as possible for as long as possible for my customers. But lately, i've been having more problems than usual with marks of authenticity on my eggs. In the past, i would just put those in my "for the house only" carton and wash them right before i use them. But it has become a lot more than i need for us to eat. The other day, i discovered my husband's sanding sponge and found it works great for cleaning up the eggs without having to get them wet.

    But am i still compromising the bloom and shortening the shelf life?

    I would love to read your opinions, educated or otherwise. [​IMG]
  2. howfunkyisurchicken

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    Apr 11, 2011
    Yep, whether washing or sanding, you're still removing the bloom, which will potentially allow bacteria to enter the eggs.
    Perhaps you should just ask your customers if they mind them being a little dirty or if they'd prefer them washed? Most folks I've sold to don't mind a little smear here and there, they understand that chickens are living beings and that they poop and scratch around in the dirt and mud. That's something else to consider, the source of the dirt. If its poop, clean it up (or keep it as clean as possible, they're going to step in it, its inevitable). If its mud, cover it with some shavings, straw or leaves and dry it up so there's less chance of them tracking it into the nest boxes :)
    Good luck!
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    We sand when needed. Read an article from Mother Earth News once that said this was the best way when you have to.
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    I agree that sanding will degrade the protective bloom.....and probably doesn't remove all the poop.
    ......I'd rather have an egg with a little poop on it than one that's been sanded.

    If you do sand for aesthetics, refrigerate afterwards.
  5. Bugseye

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    I guess it does take off some of the bloom, but I try to minimize the sanding. It seems a common way to get off some of the dirt. Comments on refrigerating right away are duly noted.
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    Thanks a bunch for all the responses!

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