Does cold weather kill Leg Mites?

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    Jun 18, 2012
    I recently purchased two Brahma/Americauna barnyard mix Hens and they had thick scales on their legs. I assumed this was just the way they were... And now I realize they have leg mites! I've started the oil/Vaseline treatment, but my question is do I need to completely muck out the coop? I've never had mite problems before and my original flock does not have leg mites. I've sprayed the roost with oil. My flock is all free range and spend little time in the coop. I've also wondered dos extremely cold weather kill mites? Our winters are on average -20/-25 Celsius and usually for a couple weeks hit -30. I don't heat the coop, just use deep litter and bales of straw to insulate well.
    Curious to hear others experiences. [​IMG]
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    I'd like to know this myself.
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    Off a host, it will probably kill the mite. However, the mites on the hens will survive because they get the warmth from the chicken. I would spray down the coop well and not worry about your yard.

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