Does education make you jaded?


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Mar 12, 2009
Someone I knew that worked at a bike store quoted her professor that the more education you get the more jaded and disastified you become. I am starting to think this is true.

Don't get me wrong. I am very happy with the education I have amassed so far in my life. It has opened my eyes to the world around me. It has opened up many doors. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Nothing is like the thrill of going to class and discussing current events. Unfortunately, it seems like no one around here feels the same way. After I left school and moved back home, I feel really out of place and fusturated. People don't like to discuss, unless it is to spill out some rant they heard on the radio. They don't like to reflect or think deaply. Those that do are usually put back in their place. Especially, if this person is a young woman.

This usually does not bother me. However, in the last week, it seems like everything has come to a head. Last Sunday at church I was informed that a guy that did like me decided he did like me anymore. He considers me too opininated. Too opininated? I hardly even talk about anything at church, especially to him. Then I remembered. About 10 months ago he was complaining about the roads. I mentioned that since measure s did not pass it is not likely to change. Turned out he didn't vote for it because he thought it was a vain attempt to raise taxes. I politely as I could told him that it wasn't. It was soundly written with less then 1% of the money going to adminstration, had an independent oversight committee, etc. I also told him he could have looked it up in his voter pamphlet. (In retrospect this hurt his pride.) He did not respond, because he didn't have a response to give.

I also just saw a very horrific and insensitive comment on an article about the lack of winter housing for the homeless in Sacramento. Evidently, someone thinks that it is a misguided believe that everyone is important and diserves compassion and many people agree with him. Has the world gone mad? How can you think it is okay for someone to freeze on the streets?

This has made me reflect on how women around me - at least the ones that are dating and all around accepted - behave at church, work, etc. I realized that I am pretty much the only one that raises her hand and asks or answers questions in sunday school. I am pretty much the only one that wants to discuss current topics in a deep and rational manor.

This was not like this in Davis. Do I need to stop speaking up to be accepted? Do I need to leave town before I go crazy? Why is it that no one cares what happens around them? Don't they want to improve their lives, community, the world? Why is it that no one really seems to care what happens? I don't really think they have given up but have just become selfish and blind.

Sorry about my long rant. I really needed to vent.

Good for you for speaking your mind. Do NOT change who you are. And I am pretty sure the amount of education one receives has nothing to do with having a big mouth and a dissatisfied life.

Me - the high school drop out.
I've often wondered the same thing. Now, I don't think it to be purely education, but overthinking. I tend to overthink many things. What is my husband thinking? Is he sparing my feelings? I hate that life is so short, they are so many things I want to do.

I try to discuss things with my husband such as genetics or methane digestion as an energy source, or going on a rant about how the media works with big oil to drag the public along and that alternative fuels are available NOW and not a thing of the future, but the government doesn't want to let go of their slice of the oil pie.

I think most people take discussion/debate as an insult to their intelligence, when most of the time, we are merely seeking discussion. It's why I like forums so much, because we can use them as an outlet for thought, instead of bothering those around us.

At least, I believe that's it.
I don't think education makes you jaded, it just gives you the tools to look at things in a different manner and to ask questions. Broaden your horizons......

Nothing wrong with that!

I hang out at a little coffee shop in town with a bunch of ladies, and the conversations down there are priceless! You can state you opinion and share ideas and not get blasted for thinking 'outside the box'. We are all of different backgrounds, ages, religions, political views, and education so it gets lively sometimes but it is really nice to hear a differing perspective on an issue.
Well for me Education is something really very important, unfortunately not everyone of us is lucky enough to go to the University or high end institute, other thing I like to mention here, if some one really very educated,( that will not make him/her wise enough to enjoy life and do well in her/his life) it is also very important for an educated person to have common sence.
and as Debi said, yes you do what you think is right and I agree with Debi.
also on the other hand, I went to 2 diffrent uni, but never had he money to finish so all what I have is my High school diploma and I think I look like an Idiot if I need to apply for any Job
I too have found that men do not like a woman to be intelligent, it makes them nervous and "threatened". I've noticed that women feel this way also. You are not crazy and you shouldn't change to be accepted.

You will be lonely and you will find little opportunity for deep conversations. If you find at least one good friend, you will be lucky indeed.

God has blessed you with a surfeit of insight and most are not so endowed. Somewhere, somehow, this will come in handy but I've yet to find anyone who really appreciates it, be they man or woman. Boss's feel threatened, the folks at your Sunday school definitely will feel threatened and annoyed, and men feel inferior.

It has little to do with education, opinionated or not. It has more to do with being different and the world is composed of people with a pack/herd mentality. If you are different, you are a danger to them. It's sad, but a reality.

I would try to find a form of expression, like writing or art, that gives you a sense of fulfillment and pray for God to send you a good partner for your life.
I used to think I looked like an idiot. Then I acquired EXPERIENCE. Now I do quite well. And my boss, WITH a college education only makes slightly more than me. Education, IMHO, does not equal attitude. I am SASSY!
too have found that men do not like a woman to be intelligent, it makes them nervous and "threatened".

Mrs. Wombat studied chemistry and nuclear science. I'm quite fond of her, and there's nothing threatening about her except that she's about an 8-ring shooter with a .45.

Please don't go off bashing men and stereotyping.

As for the original poster's question ... Yes, I think that at times, being educated and aware can set you apart from people who are not. Whether you become jaded or not is up to you, though.​
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