Does every chicken molt? When will they start?


9 Years
Jul 17, 2010
So, I've had chickens for about 2 months, I'm a noob
I have a Polish pullet, 5 months, who might be molting (I think?) because she's losing feathers left and right and has just 2 tail feathers left. Is this normal?
I also have 2 White Leghorns, big fluffy 1 yr olds, and they have't lost ONE! Does every chicken molt annually? At what age do they first molt? Should I be worried about the Polish, and expecting anything from the Leghorns?
Thank you
my adults are 17-18 month, and they are going through a molt. weird since we are going into fall/winter. i think it depends on age, not time of year, but hopefully someone more experienced knows
they could be going into a small molt their first molt is around 12 months old or so mine are all molting ages 12 months to 4 years going into cold times it lasts about 2 months from my girls molts thats what i gather it to be they molt when they molt basicly. hope that helps
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Yes, they all molt to replace old worn feathers. They have the first mini molt about 9-10 months and you may not really notice it much. Then the first big one about 18-20 months old and one every year thereafter.
Young bird lose and replace feathers as they grow--you should see the inside of my coop--but usually don't go through a major moult until about a year after they first lay at which point they lose a lot of feathers and have to take time off from laying to grow them back. However, they also seem to have their own timetable. I have had flocks of equal aged birds that didn't all moult at the same time so it seems to be individual specific. BTW, since the majority of egg producing chicken are, generally, hatched in the spring they usually start laying in their first fall and moult in the second, this gives the idea that fall/early winter is the moulting season. Actually it can happen at any time, depending on the bird's age.
I know this is an older post, but, I had a question about moulting. I have a large wyandotte pullet who was born in March this year. (10 months old)
I just noticed today, she is missing feathers around her head/neck area, not alot but enough that she looks silly. all the feather barbs are there, just no feathers. is this her mini moult??

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