Does heat cause egg production to drop

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    [​IMG] I have seven hens that were laying around 5 to 6 eggs a day . Now I am getting 1 egg per day. I live on the coast in Georgia and we have had days well into the 100's plus high humidity . Also the eggs have gone from good brown eggs to pale color. This happened about three weeks ago. Thanks for an comments

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    Quote:YES! and it rots! I have 30+ and got 9 eggs today! when it cools down I get excited! and the more eggs the chickens lay the paler in color the eggs will get
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    The poor egg production is because they aren't eating enough in the heat. Make sure they have food available earlier and later in the day when it is a little cooler outside. Also make sure they have plenty of clean, fresh water.
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    chiswil. I live down the road from you on the coast in Camden county. We're going through the same thing. The other posters are correct about the heat cutting egg production and feeding times. I give mine chilled watermelon in the late afternoon and they love it. You want to keep their immune systems built up. I recommend you give them plain yogurt or buttermilk with scrambled egg mixed in their feed...probiotics and extra protein. This will help get them back on track. We recently had some rain and the temps cooled abit, egg production picked up some but now half my hens are in moult and egg production is down again.

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