Does House Finch Eye Disease Affect Chickens?

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    I have a bird feeder and currently the House Finches at my feeder have the well known House Finch Eye Disease (mycoplasmal conjunctivitis). I was wondering if this disease could spread to my poultry or domesticated parrots. I read that this disease does come from pathogens that originate from chickens and turkeys. Could it spread to my birds and if so what should I do?
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    Wild birds can spread M. gallisepticum Here is a good reference for mg and how it manifests itself in various poultry types. This is a very very serious disease if it gets into your flocks. MG does transmit to chicken eggs and transmits to the babies in that fashion as well. Even if the MG is no Longer visible, your flock would be considered carriers of MG after they have had MG.

    If you see what you think are signs of mg, please do contact your vet and ag department in your state for assistance in diagnosing what you are seeing and in taking needed action steps. There are several threads here on byc of persons who have gone through this issue with their flocks and what decisions they have had to make. Again, I'm hoping you're just asking an observational questions and that your birds are doing well:) Hope this was helpful and have a blessed day!
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