Does my 4 month old have Marek's?

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    Mar 29, 2016
    I came home Monday afternoon to find my young Ameracauna on her side and missing all her back feathers. I scooped her up and took her to the bird DR who thought she had been attacked by her 3 other sisters.(lots of small wounds) I barely had her 2 weeks so it was heart breaking. They were all raised together so I wasn't expecting problems so quickly. After 3 days of meds and eating well, she still can't stand and tips over. She stays propped up in a box or with me on the couch. She was terrified of me before but I think she is loving the attention now. Her legs move around OK but she curls a toe and can't use them to stay up. Now that I'm learning about Marek's Disease, maybe she fell over first in the pen, then they pecked at her thinking she was dead. I need to know for sure so I can find out if the others will have it. I've already named her Sam because she looks like a young Eagle. Here she is sleeping on my lap all fluffed up.
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    She may just need some rest and more time for recovery. Are you certain that a predator didn't hurt her? Could a dog, cat, or other animal gotten to her? Hopefully, it isn't Mareks disease, but an attack. It can sometimes take weeks to recover from something severe where a chicken can't walk. Give her some poultry vitamins in her water that contain riboflavin and other B vitamins for her curled foot.

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