Does my baby chick have Coccidiosis??????? HELP!!!!


7 Years
May 14, 2012
4days ago, my chick started showing symptoms of weakness. At first, she started eating less of her starter feed. So we started giving her egg yolks. She ate the egg yolks very well but today, she wouldn't even touch it. She has also stopped drinking/eating anything at all today and we had to resort to feeding her ourselves. She has gone from 39/38g to 32g in the past 4 days. She is very weak and cannot walk around. Now, it seems she cannot even support her body weight/wings. The first signs were droopy wings.And then everything else followed. She should only be 2 weeks old maximum. Her wings look huge for her body and her body is tiny. :-( She looks like a 3 day old chick with huge wings. She also has very watery poop. Her vent looks sort of swollen, red and protrudes. She used to get poop all over her bottom but we have cleaned her up and applied a little olive oil which has helped at least to keep her clean. She doesn't seem to be in pain but is getting weaker and weaker. We have now separated her from the other chicks and gave her a stuffed toy to lean on. Do you think she has Coccidiosis? She has been in the dirt in the past. She used to be so healthy and active. Please help!!!
It could be coccidiosis (or several other things.) It won't hurt to treat for it... you can get the meds at the feed store.

With little chicks, they dehydrate and lose weight so fast, you really can't wait days till you treat them. Hope the little girl makes it...
What could the other potential diseases be??? She's so small now! We fed her some yolk and water today but she's so tired. :( I don't want to treat her for the wrong thing. I have heard that ACV is really good for the chickens...should I get some and give her some ?? (dilliuted of course) I don't want to lose her!!!
I lost one last week.

She definitely has stunted growth and basically no appetite.
Another chick has stunted growth as well... compared to the third chick we got at the same time. One girl is growing so fast (gained 20g in 9 days) while one have stayed same...and of course, the sick girl has lost weight. 6g of 38g is approx 16% of body weight.

I don't know what to do!!!!
Get Corid. Mix it into their water. You have nothing to lose at this point. For the weakest chick, use a dropper and dose her with the meds. Just give her about what you would think she would drink on her own at one sitting. Repeat dosing every 3 - 4 hours until she drinks on her own. Treat them all for 5 - 7 days.
So get corrid for everyone?? It's too late to get it tonight and she seems so weak I am afraid she might not make it through the night. I checked her legs and she basically has no muscle left in her legs. :-(

She can't even sit up now. She's leaning on her stuffed toy. She's only 2 weeks old. Can they get Cocci this early? Also, how soon after contracting it does the symptoms show up? She has very watery poop but not bloody.

The other chicks (5 left) seem pretty good except one has pretty much stunted growth. Should I just get everyone medicated starter?

I feel so sad and hopeless...
It is so tough when they are so little and get sick :(

Once you see bloody poo, the coccidia is so bad that it is eating the lining of the intestine. I'm not sure that this is the problem, but it doesn't hurt to try. I would get the meds and treat the chicks. It won't hurt them and just might help.

Can you get some electrolyte/vitamin water into her to try and help her make it through the night? Maybe some egg yolk? I'm sorry that I can't be of more help...they are such delicate creatures when they are little and sick.
Thank you for the reply and support. She's really weak now... and very limp. We fed her some yolk and water earlier in the day. We are just letting her rest now. She doesn't have enough strength to even hold her head up anymore. We tried holding her but it seemed like her body temp was dropping so we just put her back into her separate brooder. :( Just watching her now...but I have a bad feeling that she won't make it...

As for the other chicks, should we get the corid or the medicated chick starter???? They all seem "fine" and still eat well...

This is our first "flock" and we'll be losing 2 of the 7 if this little one doesn't make it...
Hoping for the best...l
This probably won't help this chick but if it is Coccidia you could try this also. I printed this when I came across it on here. I'll type exactly what I have printed off......

My Neighbor swears by this......
for the treatment of coccidiosis
4 lbs of dried milk
2 lbs of corn meal
2 lbs fo oatmeal
1 lb of bran

This should be fed for 3-5 days with no other feed except greens
(why it works)
the large amount of milk makes the chicks thirsty, causing them to drink. The milk sugar will turn acid in the stomach and the added water will fulsh out the system.
Thank you for the post. Unfortunately, she has passed away just recently. We are all very sad.
She came here so plump and healthy..she was actually the healthiest of them all. Can't believe she's gone.
RIP little one...

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