does my chick have crooked neck???

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    i woke up this morning, did my typical chick check, and found one of my chicks lying down away from the heat lamps... knowing how strange this is i nudged her awake and she ran around with her head down, then she tried to run backwards as if to try and fix it. then she just fell down again. this happened within 4 hours and all the other chicks are looking great. we're feeding non-medicated feed from tractor supply and they were all vaccinated from murray mcmurray, does this sound like injury or disease???? if it is this crooked neck, how do i know? any one have any pics? the chicks were shipped 3/15 and have not had any problems until now... *just to add, this is a partridge rock chick*
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    It sound like it. I had a young chick who had the same thing. Do a little research but I use infant vitamin drop (Polyvisol) and vitamin E. She is fine today.
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    It sounds like, "wry neck." It is easily treated with poly-visol drops. You can buy these at walmart or any drug store. Just drip about a quarter dropperful down it's throat 2x a day for atleast 7 days. You'll want to separate the chick so it doesn't get trampled and make sure it has a heat source and plenty to eat and drink! i also make a wet mash with the chick feed. Good luck!

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