Does my chicken have worms? - Pics are now here

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  1. I have a silver laced wyndot who has been eating and drinking. Her Crop is full but she is very thins and week. She has had strange poop for about 2 weeks. we have to keep cleaning out her vent and cries sometimes when she poops. She is 18 weeks, I think she is a she. I will post a pic. of her underside so you can see how thin she is and a picture of her head so you can tell me if she is a hen. I went ahead and am treating for worms because she is really week and I am worried about her. I lost on of my teens yesterday who looked the same.

    can anyone tell me the symptoms of worms and how to tell for sure. After you treat, do the dead worms come out in the poop like with dogs or do they just get absorbed in the system. Pics coming in a few. Min.


    This is a picture of under her. You can see the bone sticking up and the sides are sunk in. Worms cause this?

    Is she a she?
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    I WHAT?? [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. Quote:Read again, I had a finger slip. SORRY
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    My first guess would be worms, & yes, they pass them in the droppings. I have to look at the tail to see rooster or not, but different people tell in different ways.
  6. Quote:She as no tail. It got picked off. Won't grow back until molt
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    Then I'd have to wait for an egg or a crow. [​IMG]

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    Whether it be hen or rooster I would boost it's nutrition with some scrambled eggs and yogurt or something. It looks pretty poor. Good luck.
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    If your chicken had a worm infestation, you may or may not see worms in its poop, it's possible they couldve been absorbed as protein within its system and/or excreted. I agree with NattyK...Yogurt as a probiotic and scrambled egg as extra protein mixed in its feed to make a mash and give it to your chicken to rebuild its immunity and strength.
  10. she is doing much better. I treated her with wormer and also Vet Rx. She is eating on her own.

    Sorry I have not updated. I am at Childrens Hospital with my daughter, I just got my computer this morning.

    Thanks for the great advise, I will add the eggs and such to her feed.


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