Does my silkie have some weird chicken AIDS??? (pictures)


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Jun 10, 2010
I just took these pics. These white spots were not there yesterday.

kinda gross looking i know. yesterday there were a bunch of lice (or mites?) around this area. my mom gave her a bath and today i saw no bugs but this!


shes a silkie bantam hen named Nana... what is this? vent gleet? is there a way to fix this thats inexpensive?
her and our standards get yogurt and her poop isnt foul smelling, like it said as one of the gleet symptoms.
Have you checked under her feathers to see if any of her other skin is like this? If it is, my first guess would be that she had an allergic reaction to the shampoo in which she was bathed.
I agree, may be a reaction to the shampoo. you could try to put a small amount of vaseline on her vent area and see if it helps.. it looks very dry.

ETA: Lice/Mite Dust is fairly inexpensive and if they were on one girl you should dust the rest. around here it's about $8 or less for a tall cylinder of it. Dust the backs but also turn them over and get it on their bellies, butts and under their wings good... the bugs LOVE to hide in the birds "armpits" where its nice and warm with lots of skin to bite.
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Why did you give her a bath then? was she dirty? Did you guys blow dry her or let her air dry? Blow drying could have gotten her too dry... Only thing i can think of is dry skin, just use some vaseline or even some antibiotic ointment, like neosporin(the clear stuff, not the cream) but make sure it doesn't have any pain medicine in it.

Is she acting otherwise fine?
we gave her a bath cuz she had mites on her. they arent on her anymore, only those white things. but those are gone too. i checked her tush and they turned brown and flaked off.
so nothing on her tushy anymore. although the mites moved to the silkie pullet. but today we went downtown and got sevin dust and spray and pine shavings instead of the barley we normally get. we also got mealworms and 9 more chickens.
i seperated the cochin pullets into a box and the small cochin/barred rock/nhrs into another box while mom sprayed down the coop and run. then she took some tools and mixed up the dirt so it wouldnt be wet. we removed all the old bedding and barley (we aint buying anymore barley). my mom sprinkled sevin dust here and there and i brought the shavings in.
the cochins we already bought are still running away from us
and weve had them for 3 weeks, ive been staying in the run with them and giving them treats but they still wont go near me or my mom. the only time we can handle them without a fuss is at night. the silkies are quite docile though.

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