Does she have scaly legs?


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Never had this problem before, so I don't know what exactly to look for...

I've read several threads about scaly legs and yesterday I started treating her by washing her legs with warm water and holistic/natural flea shampoo + a mix of bag balm and VetRx (warmed up for better mixing and spreading). But I want to make sure I'm not washing and greasing her legs for no reason...

She's a 1.5 years old copper marans, and the symptoms are:
1. Lost her leg feathers in the last couple weeks and they are all growing (or trying to) back again.
2. Her legs seem thicker than her sister's and they kinda remind me "old lady's legs". Note: they used to be the same size, but in the last few weeks I've noticed she's a lot bigger and heavier, so that might explain the thicker legs. Not sure if she grew more out if her sister got skinnier because she was taking care of babies for 6 weeks until 3 weeks ago.
3. She hasn't laid eggs for 2 weeks!! :-(

Because I'm not so sure if it's scaly legs or not, I only treated her yesterday. But if it is for sure, then I'll also treat the others as a preventative action.

Here's a couple of picture, hope they are helpful!


Your thoughts?
The scales do look raised to me like it is scaly leg mites. You can repeat the leg washing with an old toothbrush and plain old soap and water, and then I would treat her with oil on her legs a few times a week. I have heard that castor oil stays on longer and really softens the legs. A topical treatment would also be good, something like Eprinex or Ivomec if you use those things.
It looks like a rather mild case of Scaly Leg Mites. Try putting petroleum jelly on the legs every day for a week. Other oils would work too. I know that there is a product called Scaly Leg Protector(, and you could try that as well. Scrubbing the scales with a toothbrush will remove any loose scales or other crusty material that have developed on the legs.
Thank you so much for your reply.

I did use a toothbrush when washing it last night. I'll repeat the process tomorrow (probably every other day for 2 weeks), but maybe I'll put some tea tree oil that I bought it yesterday...

Not sure on the eprinex or ivomec though... Never use / don't have them.

Should I treat the rest of my flock too?
You may be brushing too hard. I don't think it would be necessary to do every day, maybe twice a week. Also, tea tree oil has to be diluted down to 5-15% I think to be used on chickens.

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