Does she miss her eggs?


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7 Years
May 30, 2012
I have 4 banty hens, and 1 (I think it was only 1) started laying a week ago (7 eggs in 8 days -- there were 2 on the first day, which probably explains why that hen was so uncomfortable!).

Today, I got an egg in the morning. Later, a different hen (Brownie) was back in her coop while the others were free-ranging, and she was fussing in the brood box, so I knew it was going to be her turn for a first egg. When I checked in later there was an egg right where she was fussing, and I brought it in.

When I went to put their plank up this evening, Brownie was the last one up. Mind you, she's the smart one of the lot. She went up the plank, and right to the brood box where she'd laid her egg, and when she saw it wasn't there, she started rooting through the nesting material for it. I felt bad. It's so much work having a first egg. How disappointing!

Should I replace their eggs with wooden eggs, just so they don't get discouraged when their eggs disappear and start looking for new places to lay? I know they know I'm stealing their eggs! :)

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